Competitive Tendering
& Competitive Contracting
Table of Contents

London Transport Competitive Tendering Savings at Least 8.5 Billion Pounds (20050921)
London Transport Competitive Tendering Results (20050921)
USA Competitive Tendering by Major Metropolitan Area: 2002 (20041204)
Competitive Tendering of Public Transport: International Review: Centre Jacques Cartier (20041023)
Special Interests v. Public Interest: Competition in USA Public Transport- Thredbo 8 Paper (20031003)

Competition in Urban Public Transport: A World View: Thredbo7 Paper (20010704)
      By Wendell Cox & Brice Duthion (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris)
      Paper 7th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Molde, Norway)
Urban Transport Moves to the the Purchaser Provider Split (010523)
Etude d'opportunitie vers un transport un commun plus competitif pour Montreal (000802)
Competitive Tendering for Montreal & International Transit Review (French) (000803)

Transit Success Story: Competitive Tendering Drops San Diego Bus Costs 40% (000401)
Letter on Los Angeles Competitive Contracting Report
Riders and Taxpayers Held Hostage: Boston and Beyond
Thredbo 6 Paper: Competitive Tendering in the United States
Denver Competitive Tendering Mandate Raised from 20% to 35%

Denver Competitive Tendering 1988-1998 Summary
Denver Competitive Tendering 1999 Results
6th International Conference on Competitive & Ownership in Public Transport Set for Cape Town
Competitive Tendering & Competitive Contracting Guidelines
The Public Purpose: Putting an End to the Transit Blackmail

US Competitive Tendering Savings 30% - Comprehensive 1995 Survey
Denver Competitively Tendered Paratransit Savings 30 Percent
Competitive Tendering: International Summary
Competition in Public Transport: International State of the Art
      Paper 5th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Leeds)

International Conference on Competition & Ownership in Passenger Transport Papers
Competitively Tendered Bus Rapid Transport for Low Density Nations
Competitive Contracting: Issues & Experience, with NY Implications
Change in Bus Costs per Mile: London, San Diego & U.S.
Competitive Tendering Profile: San Diego

Competitive Tendering Profile: Las Vegas
Competitive Tendering Profile: Indianapolis
Competitive Tendering Profile: Seattle
Competitive Contracting in Denver: 1997 TRB Presentation
Denver Competitive Tendering Savings $88 Million

Competitive Tendering Profile: Denver Savings Rise
Denver Corrects Legislative Report, Buys Buses
Competitive & Non-Competitive Costs By Metro
Change in Costs per Mile: Urban Transport & Private Bus
New Jersey (NYC) Private Operators Among Largest Urban Systems

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