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1999 US Public Transport Market Share Analysis

US Public Transport Productivity Compared to Other Modes

US Public Transport Subsidies & Work Trip Market Share from 1960

USA Urban Transport Fuel Efficiency 2002 (Public Transport & Automobiles)

USA Intercity Passenger Transport Fuel Efficiency 2002: Airlines, Rail (Amtrak) & Bus

Performance Indicators in Urban Transport: The Governors Business Council Report: Thredbo 8 Paper (20031003)

USA Urban Transport: A Time for Leadership (20040110)

USA Mass Transit Subsidies More than 50 Times Highways (20050402)
USA Mass Transit Subsidies Virtually Equal to Highways Subsidies: 2002 (20050402)

USA Mass Transit & Highway Subsidies: 2002 (20050402)
United States Public Transport Spending in Context: 10 Times Japan, 3.5 Times Europe (20031212)
If Money Grew on Trees.. Flyvbjerg on Infrastructure Lying - The Public Purpose #67 (20030706)
US Public Transport Performance from 1970 (20030704)
Public Transport Costs Compared to Auto Costs by Metropolitan Area (20020621)

Public Transport Costs Compared to Auto Costs by Metropolitan Area: Ranked (20020621)
Les transports publics aux Etats-Unis (20020508)
Automobile & Public Transport Fuel Efficiency Nearly Equal in 1999: USA (20021123)
The Illusion of Transit Choice (20011226)
Wendell Cox Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee Testimony on Public Transit (20021009)

Were Tammany's Critics Anti-New York? The New APTA-Weyrich-Lind Paper (20010806)
Competition in Urban Public Transport: A World View: Thredbo7 Paper (20010704)
      By Wendell Cox & Brice Duthion (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris)
      Paper 7th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Molde, Norway)
US Metropolitan Transit Ridership From 1993 Low Point to 1999 (010524)
US Public Transit Ridership Compared to Modern Peak & Low Point (010524)
US Transit's Ridership Increase: A New York Story (010520)

Letter to US News: American Gridlock Could not be More Wrong (010523)
Mass Transit in Paris & Atlanta: Tales of Two Cities: By Christian Gerondeau (010415)
Sprawl & Quality of Life: Response to STPP "Driven to Spend" (010301)
Doubling Public Transport Ridership in the US: Impossible Task? (001228)
Urban Passenger Transport in the US: Wendell Cox Lecture at CNAM-Paris (001211)

US Personal Vehicle Travel by Density (001107)
The Future of Public Transit in the US, by Thomas A. Rubin (000818)
Competition, Not Monopolies Can Improve Public Transit (000802)
Higher Densities Mean Higher Transit Costs (000330)
Why Light Rail Doesn't Work (000317)

Headed for Costly Failure: Dallas-Fort Worth Air Quality Proposals (000317)
Light Rail and Traffic Congestion (000317)
Texas Senate Testimony: Metropolitan Transit Authorities (000317)
Commentary: Does Transit Work? (000117)
US Public Transport Motor Bus Diseconomies of Scale: 1997

3 World Cities have Public Transport Ridership Exceeding All US
Thredbo 6 Paper: Public Transport in Canada and the United States PDF
America's Costly and Inefficient Experiment with Commuter Rail
Thredbo 6 Paper: Competitive Tendering in the United States PDF
Unanswered Letter to STPP on Dollars & Sense Report

US Public Transport Subsidies: Data from 1960
US Public Transport Subsidies $385 Billion from 1960
US Public Transport Federal Subsidies Approach $150 Billion from 1960
US Urban Highway Fatality Rate Superior to Public Transport in 1997
US Commuting Time Dropping Due to Urban Sprawl & Auto Dependency

US Streets and Highways: User Fees and Subsidies: The Difference
Passenger Transport Market Shares: Europe & US: 1996
US New Rail Systems Operating & Capital Cost per Passenger Mile
US Public Transport Bus Costs by Size of Agency: 1996
US Public Transport & Highway Costs & Revenues per Person Mile From 1960

          US Public Transport Agency Cost per Passenger Mile: 1996
          Motor Bus Efficiency & Effectivenes: Introduction & Notes
          Motor Bus Effectiveness (Passenger Miles per Vehicle Mile)
          Motor Bus Efficiency (Cost per Vehicle Hour)
          Labor Market Weighted Motor Bus Efficiency
          Motor Bus Combined Performance Ratings
          US Intermodal Cost per Passenger Mile 1996
          US Intermodal Cost per Passenger Mile Rankings: 1996
          US Trolley Bus Rankings 1996
          US Commuter Rail Rankings 1996
          US Motorbus Cost per Passenger Mile
          US Metro (Heavy Rail) Rankings: 1996
          US Light Rail Rankings: 1996
          US Light Rail Efficiency Rankings: 1996
          Labor Market Weighted Motor Bus Efficiency
          Administrative Performance
          Maintenance Performance
          Service to Population Ratio

US Metropolitan Area Public Transport Ridership Trends: 1980-1996
          Ridership: 1980-1996
          Per Capita Ridership 1980-1996
          Change in Annual Boardings 1980-1996
          Ranked by 1996 Ridership
          Ranked by 1996 Per Capita Ridership
          Ranked by 1980-1996 Change in Per Capita Ridership
          Ranked by Change in Annual Boardings 1980-1996

US US Public Transport & Highway Costs & Subsidies
US Urban Rail: Miniscule Impact on Traffic Congestion
The Predominance of Highways in US (& European) Transport
Large Infrastructure Project Forecasts: Major Inaccuracies

US Public Transport Costs: Competitive & Non-Competitive by Metro
US Passenger Transport Productivity by Mode: 1970-1995
US Urban & Rural Transport Safety: Fatalities by Mode from 1990
US Transit Bus & School Bus Safety Compared
US Public Transport & School Bus Ridership by State

TIFIA: Federal Transport Loan Guarantees: The Next S&L Style Bailout?
Congress Repeals Amtrak 6-Year Severance
US Public Transport Subsidies From 1960
US Urban Land Transport Fatality Rates: 1994
US Labor Law Favors Employees over Riders: @`The Public Purpose

Public Spending Corollary to "Parkinson's Law" @Gov't. Cost Review
Notes on the "Dollars & Sense" Transit Report.
21st Century Transportation: Expanding Mobility through Technology
Public Transport in the US: The Imperative for Reform
US Highway & Local Street Revenues & Expenditures: 1995

Amtrak at 25: @ Cato Institute
Amtrak's Negligible Impact on Congestion
False Dreams & Broken Promises @ Cato Institute
Largest US Intercity Passenger Transport Systems
Change in Costs per Mile: Urban Transport & Private Bus

General Motors & the Demise of the Streetcar - By Cliff Slater
US Govt Report: High Speed Rail Would Need Heavy Subsidies
Evaluation of the Florida High Speed Rail Project
Response to Florida DOT on High Speed Rail
Florida High Speed Rail Fares Unlikely to Cover Fixed Costs

Comments on Florida High Speed Rail Economic Impact Report
US School Bus & Public Transport Ridership: 1996
US School Bus & Public Transport Ridership:1995
US School Bus & Public Transport Costs & Ridership Compared: 1994
Transport Facts: USA

1995 US Transport Energy Consumption
1995 US Transport Costs per Person Mile
Trend in US Cost per Person Mile: 1970-1995
Auto & Urban Transport Costs: 1991
Energy Efficiency (Fuel Efficiency): Urban Transport & Auto: 1991

Productivity Trends by Passenger Transport Mode.
New Jersey (NYC) Private Operators Among Largest Urban Systems
Public Transport Unit Cost Regulation Proposed for Seattle
California Motor Bus Performance Report (Proposed)
Federal Funding Unnecesary: Policy Brief

The Public Purpose: One of National Journal's Top 4 Transport Internet Sites

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