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Competition in Urban Public Transport: A World View: Thredbo7 Paper (20010704)
      By Wendell Cox & Brice Duthion (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris)
      Paper 7th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Molde, Norway)
Great Britain Mode of Transport to Work: 1998 (000806)
Great Britain Mode of Transport to Work: 1998 (000806)

UK Air Pollution: 1980-1996: Cleaner Air & More Traffic (991204)
Great Britain Public Transport Bus Ridership from 1950
Performance Indicators: London and Outside London: 1986-1995
(Competitive Tendering and Deregulation)
Competitive Tendering: International Summary
International Journey to Work Travel Times (990209)

National Per Capita Ridership: AU, CA, UK, US
UK Local Bus Cost Trends: 1986-1995
The Sunday Times (London) on Autos and the City
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity for 168 World Cities
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity by Continent & Geographic Area

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