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PUBLICATIONS & INDEXES: The Public Purpose website is very large, containing approximately 1,000 pages (if printed).

The Public Purpose: Publications & Indexes
Subject Publication (Index) Type of Information Provided
Demographics Demographic Briefs & Urban Policy Data & analysis
Education General Public Policy Data & analysis
Government Performance Government Cost Review Data & analysis
Government Performance The Competitive Tendering (Competitive Contracting) Web Site Data & analysis
Government Structure Governance Data & analysis
Labor Labor Market Reporter Data & analysis
Public Policy (General) The Public Purpose Data & analysis
Public Policy (General) Realities Vignettes, especially facts likely to be surprising or counter-intuitive
Transport The Transport Fact Book Data & analysis
Transport The Urban Transport Fact Book Data & analysis
Transport The Intercity Transport Fact Book Data & analysis
Transport The School Transport Fact Book Data & analysis
Transport International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Surface Passenger Transport Conference papers
Urban Affairs Demographic Briefs & Urban Policy Data & analysis
US Constitution Devolution, Subsidiarity, Sovereignty & Constitution Data & analysis
US Federal Budget US Federal Budget Data & analysis
Other Publications Publication Listing Listing of publications not included above.
News News Index List
Links Link Index List
New Items New List
Organizational Wendell Cox Consultancy: Organizational Information Organizational information

CORRECTION POLICY: The Public Purpose makes every effort to ensure that the data presented is factual, and encourages users to advise us of any potential inaccuracy. Our policy is to correct or remove any data we deem to be incorrect or unreliable at the earliest opportunity.

RIGHTS & PERMISSIONS: Readers may redistribute contents of The Public Purpose website to other persons for non-commercial use, on condition that the text and "HTML" code remain intact. Contents of The Public Purpose website may not be resold, reprinted, or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from Wendell Cox Consultancy

The Public Purpose
Demographic Briefs
Government Cost Review
Gov't Employment Fact Book
Highway & Motorway Fact Book
Intercity Transport Fact Book
Labor Market Reporter
School Transport Fact Book
Transport Fact Book
Urban Policy
Urban Transport Fact Book
Competitive Tendering Website
Intl Comp. & Ownership Conference

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