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Where Urban Rail Works & Why (20031110)

Blackout Lesson: Keep the Gas Tank Full (20031220)

Urban Rail Ridership & Subsidies: Japan Urban Areas (20051029)


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Urban Rail Ridership & Subsidies: Japan Urban Areas (20051029)
The Dimensions of Sustainability: By W. Cox and J. C. Ziv (20050925)
Light Rail: Charlotte: Breach of Faith: Light Rail and Smart Growth in Charlotte (20020209)

Light Rail: Milwaukee Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (1998)
Light Rail: Austin Trolley Folly (001020)
Dallas (DART) Light Rail: Long Term Debt: $51 Million Extra per Traffic Reduction Day (000729)
Cincinnati Light Rail Articles

New Light Rail in the US: Auckland Implications (010218)


Urban Rail & Traffic Congestion (20031206)
If Money Grew on Trees.. Flyvbjerg on Infrastructure Lying - The Public Purpose #67 (20030706)
The Public Purpose #60: Loss of 177 Light Rail Projects Threatens L.A. Transportation Funding (20030606)
Los Angeles Red Line Subway: Impact on Freeway Traffic (20020621)

Houston Chronicle's Vast Light Rail Conspiracy? (20030127)
Taken for a Ride: Parsons Brinckerhoff Expose (20030129)
Policy Statement on Urban Rail
Urban Rail Success Stories
Auto Competitive Transit Service? Not Even in a Snow Storm (20030125)

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