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Us Urbanized Area Journey to Work Times Less Where Sprawl Greater (20010909)

International Journey to Work Times Less Where Sprawl Greater (20010909)
International Journey to Work Times by Population Density (20010909)
Le Havre, Ft. Wayne & Peoria: Demographic & Public Transport Comparisons (001213)
Passenger Transport Shares by Mode: Japan v. United States from 1970 (000806)
Passenger Transport Shares by Mode: European Union v. United States from 1970 (000806)

China, European Union, Japan & United States: Passsenger Transport by Mode: 1998 (000806)
Public Transport Ridership: Europe, Canada, US, Australia & New Zealand
Public Transport in Canada and the United States (1999)
3 World Cities have Public Transport Ridership Exceeding All US
EU & US Person & Freight Transport Trends & Shares
EU & US Person Transport Trends & Market Shares

EU & US Freight Transport Trends & Market Shares
Canadian & US Trips per Capita by Metropolitan Area
Passenger Travel: EU, Japan & US 1994
National Per Capita Ridership: AU, CA, UK, US
Per Capita Public Transport Ridership: Canada & US: 1960-1995

Change in Bus Costs per Mile: London, San Diego & U.S.
Competitive Tendering: International Summary
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity for 168 World Cities
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity by Continent & Geographic Area
The Predominance of Highways in US (& European) Transport

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