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Why Rail Emory Bundy on the Seattle Rail Debacle

Citizens for Mobility Web Site

Sane Transit Web Site

Seattle CBD & Urban Area Commuting Profile: 2000 (20060524)

Seattle Downtown (CBD) Public Transport Market Share: 2000 (20060522)
Congress Rejects Seattle Light Rail Funding Agreement (20030716)
100 Seattle Leaders Ask for Light Rail Audit (001111
State of Washington Public Transport Ridership: 1980-2000 (20020130)
Seattle Transit Official Seeks $2,500 from Transit Consultants (001005)

Dallas (DART) Transit Losses: Policy Implications (20020720)
Bicylist Leads Opposition to Seattle Light Rail (000831)
Seattle Light Rail: Emory Bundy v. Paul Bay (000831)
Light Rail Costs Rising 20% Annually (000406)
Light Rail Costs Approach $70 Million per Mile (000406)

Light Rail in Seattle: The Need for Candor
Work Trip Market Share: CBD/Central City/Suburban
Competitive Tendering Profile: Seattle
Public Transport Unit Cost Regulation Proposed for Seattle
Seattle & San Diego Bus Cost Trends Contrasted

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