Alternatives to Light Rail in Seattle:
The Campaign for Sensible Transportation

Why Rail Emory Bundy on the Seattle Rail Debacle

Citizens for Mobility Web Site

Sane Transit Web Site

Seattle Public Transport Index

Congress Rejects Seattle Light Rail Funding Agreement (20030716)
Emory Bundy on Seattle Light Rail and the Downtown Tunnel (20010831)
Emory Bundy on "He Said She Said" Reporting (20010831)
Seattle Light Rail Cost Overrun Approaching $2 Billion (20010830)

Seattle Light Rail: Threat to Neighborhoods (20010801)
100 Seattle Leaders Ask for Light Rail Audit (001111)
Background: Opposing Light Rail in Seattle (001111)
Public Transit in Seattle: Following Los Angeles (001111)
Puget Sound Regional Council Data: Light Rail Makes No Difference in Seattle (001111)

Opposing Light Rail in Seattle: Lawsuit Filed (001111)
Rail, Transit and Civil Rights in Los Angeles and Seattle (001111)
Review of Sound Transit: How Independent? (001111)
Seattle Light Rail: Emory Bundy v. Paul Bay (000831)
Light Rail in Seattle: The Need for Candor

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