Rail Rapid Transit Index
(Metro, Underground, Subway and Elevated)

Delhi Metro Rider Subsidy More than India Per Capita Income(20061030)
Auto Use Rises Strongly in New Rail Urban Areas: USA (20051229)

USA New Rail Urban Areas: Road Traffic Increase (20051229)
Where Rail Transit Works and Why (20031220)
Urban Rail & Traffic Congestion (20031206)
If Money Grew on Trees.. Flyvbjerg on Infrastructure Lying - The Public Purpose #67 (20030706)
Where Urban Rail Works & Why (20031110)

Los Angeles Red Line Subway: Impact on Freeway Traffic (20020621)
South American Daily Busway Ridership Compared to US Transit Ridership (20030519)
South American Daily Busway Ridership Compared to US Rail Ridership (20030519)
Private Urban Rail Ridership in Largest High-Income Cities (20020518)
New US Metro (Heavy Rail) Volumes Compared to Freeway & Arterial Lanes

Washington Metro Quarter Century: Billions for Transit & More Congestion (20041011)
Washington DC Metro: Impact on Traffic Into Core (20041011)

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