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Australia Metropolitan Areas: Work Trip Market Share: 2001 (20060207)
USA Public Transport Work Trip Share by Vehicles Available (20060206)
USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Metropolitan Per Capita Public Transport Journeys (20020830)
Policy Point #7: Urban Rail Expansion in Sydney No Help to Traffic (20020801)
Perth Public Transport Ridership from 1961: 1980-2000 (20020206)
Competition in Urban Public Transport: A World View: Thredbo7 Paper (20010704)
      By Wendell Cox & Brice Duthion (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris)
      Paper 7th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Molde, Norway)

Sustainability & Transport in Sydney: Wendell Cox Lecture Text (010405)
Sustainability & Transport in Sydney (010319)
Australia & New Zealand Per Capita Public Transport Ridership by Urban Area
Public Transport Ridership: Europe, Canada, US, Australia & New Zealand
National Per Capita Ridership: AU, CA, UK, US

Metropolitan & National Ridership Trends: Australia
Sydney Bus Costs from 1987
Competitively Tendered Bus Rapid Transport for Low Density Nations
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity for 168 World Cities
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity by Continent & Geographic Area

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