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New York CBD & Urban Area Commuting Profile: 2000 (20060602)
Outside New York More Work at Home than Use Transit (20061211)
Commuting by Public Transport & Working at Home: USA (20061211)

New York Central Business District & Manhattan Public Transport Market Share: 2000 (20060522)
Public Transit Work Trip Share: Work Location: Metropolitan New York City (20060226)
Blackout 2003 Lesson: Keep the Gas Tank Full: Planetizen Oped (20030820)
New York Area Journey to Work Data: 2000 (20020524)
Commuting to Manhattan: 2000 (20030627)

Private Urban Rail Ridership in Largest High-Income Cities (20020518)
New York: Public Transport Commuting by Sector (20010829)
US Transit's Ridership Increase: A New York Story (010520)
Hudson Bergen Light Rail Line Falls Short of Customer Projections (010512)
Hudson Bergen Light Rail Line Cost Escalation History (010512)

New York Central Business District Density and Work Trip Mode by Sector (001123)
New York Metropolitan Area: Market Share & Income by Commuting Mode (000525)
Light Rail Costs Rising 20% Annually (000406)
Light Rail Costs Approach $70 Million per Mile (000406)
Commuter Rail Market Shares: CBD & Outside: Boston, Chicago, New York & Philadelphia: 1990

Public Transport Ridership & Cost Trends: London & New York
New York Work Trip Market Share: CBD, City & Suburbs
New Jersey (NYC) Private Operators Among Largest Urban Systems
Competitive Contracting: Issues & Experience, with NY Implications
Better Transit for New YorkLetter

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