Dallas-Fort Worth:

The Illusion of Transportation Choice: Dallas-Fort Worth (20060220)

Dallas Ridership Continues to Fall Despite Light Rail (20050405)
Dallas (DART) Light Rail Expansion: Lower Ridership (20040712)
Texas Metropolitan Areas: The Necessity for Highway Capacity Expansion (20031206)
Dallas (DART) Transit Losses: Policy Implications (20020720)
Journey to Work Trend: City of Dallas (20020718)

Journey to Work Trend: Addison, Texas (20020718)
Dallas-Fort Worth & DART Service Area Journey to Work Data: 1990-2000 (20020526)
US Urban Area Traffic/Square Mile: 1990-1999 (20020525)
Journey to Work Mode Analysis 1990-2000: Major Texas Transit Areas (20020525)
Texas Journey to Work Data Charts: 1990 & 2000 (20020524)

Texas Journey to Work Data: 1990 & 2000 (20020524)
Dallas (DART) Light Rail: Long Term Debt: $51 Million Extra per Traffic Reduction Day (000729)
Impact of Dallas (DART) Light Rail on Traffic (000729)
Dallas Light Rail Peak Hour Ridership Less than Freeway Lane (000517)

Light Rail Costs Rising 20% Annually (000406)
Light Rail Costs Approach $70 Million per Mile (000406)
Why Light Rail Doesn't Work (000317)
Headed for Costly Failure: Dallas-Fort Worth Air Quality Proposals (000317)
Light Rail and Traffic Congestion (000317)

Texas Senate Testimony: Metropolitan Transit Authorities (000317)
Downtown Dallas: High Vacancies Despite Light Rail (000213)
Dallas: If DART is a Success How Do You Define Failure
Dallas Transit (DART) Performance Analysis/Opportunity Analysis
New US Light Rail Volumes Compared to Freeway & Arterial Lanes

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