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Journey to Work Data: Canada: 2001 (20031205)
Air Pollution Trends in Canada: 1980-2000 (20031209)
USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Metropolitan Per Capita Public Transport Journeys (20020830)

Etude d'opportunitie vers un transport un commun plus competitif pour Montreal (000802)
Competitive Tendering for Montreal & International Transit Review (French) (000803)
Public Transport Ridership: Europe, Canada, US, Australia & New Zealand
Canada Public Transport Ridership Distribution by Metro Area
Public Transport in Canada and the United States (1999)

Journey to Work Market Share by Transport Mode
Per Capita Public Transport Ridership: Canada & US: 1960-1995
National Per Capita Ridership: AU, CA, UK, US
Canadian & US Trips per Capita by Metropolitan Area
Metropolitan & National Ridership Trends: Canada

Competitively Tendered Bus Rapid Transport for Low Density Nations
Globe & Mail Calls High Speed Rail "High Speed Folly"
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity for 168 World Cities
Urban Rail Ridership Intensity by Continent & Geographic Area
Competitive Tendering in London, Ontario Letter

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