Urban Rail Success Stories:
Hong Kong

According to a United States Census Bureau estimate, Hong Kong may be the most dense urban in the world, at approximately 75,000 per square mile. This high density would theoretically support the highest level of urban rail, but given Hong Kong's relatively small geographic expanse, buses provide approximately two thirds of the public transport ridership. Daily Hong Kong rail ridership is more than three million. It would appear that there may be significant prospects for economic and efficient expansion of the Hong Kong rail system, which operates at a profit (covering both capital and operating costs). More than 90 percent of the rail ridership is either metro or commuter rail --- less than 10 percent is light rail. This is the only urbanized area described that does not have a central business district with more than 750,000 employees. The Hong Kong central business district is estimated at approximately 200,000 employees, with an employment density of nearly 500,000 per square mile. However, given the comparatively small size of Hong Kong, overall employment densities could exceed 100,000 per square mile, which is a number typical of many central business districts. It might well be argued, as a result, that virtually all of Hong Kong is a central business district (employment 2.5 million).

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    Source notes: Data from various sources, most notably Janes Urban Transport (multiple editions) and Jeffrey R. Kenworthy and Felix B. Laube, An International Sourcebook of Automobile Dependence in Cities: 1960 to 1990.

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