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The following charts are based upon an analysis of Los Angeles ridership, costs and subsidies conducted in 1980, and published in Transportation Research Record #877 under the title "Distribution of Public Transit Subsidies in Los Angeles County" by Wendell Cox. This paper was presented at the 1982 Transportation Research Board Annual Conference in Washington. Services excluded from this analysis include local bus routes serving more than one sector and bus routes that include express (non-local) elements.

As of 1995, the fare ratio on Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority buses was similar to that of 1980, as was also the total ridership. It is likely that the distribution of ridership remains similar and that, as a result, the 1980 data may be generally reflective of the current situation..

Since 1980, many of the San Gabriel Valley services have been transfered to the Foothill Transit Zone. Some express services were cancelled, and thereafter assumed by the city of Los Angeles. Both Foothill Transit and the city of Los Angeles competitively tender (contract) all of their public transit services.

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