Delhi Metro and Bogota Transmilenio Busway: Comparison

PHASE I Delhi Metro Bogota Transmilenio Bogota Compared to Delhi
Kilometers 65 41 -37%
Total Cost (Millions) $2,349 $240 -90%
Cost per Kilometer (Millions) $36.1 $5.9 -84%
Daily Passengers 450,000 800,000 78%
Cost Effectiveness Ratio: Construction Cost/Passenger $5,220 $300 -94%
Cost Compared to Transmilenio 17.4 1.0 -94%
It was projected that Phase I of the Delhi Metro would carry 2,180,000 passengers by 2005. The current ridership level is 80 percent below projection.
The Delhi Metro Corporation projects that ridership will rise to 2,617,000 daily with the completion of Phase II (a total of 185 kilometers).
Dinesh Mohan, "Squandering Public Funds for a Handful of People," The Business Standard, October 7, 2007      

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