Atlanta Journal Calls for Naming
Northern Arc Beltway After Wendell Cox

In its "tongue-in-cheek" "@Wits' End" column, the Atlanta Journal called for naming the Northern Arc Beltway after Wendell Cox. The complete article is reproduced below with permission.

Journal: @Wits' End:
Short takes on the news

Monday, May 14, 2001

After renaming the highways and byways after any Democrat who promised not to switch parties, state officials now say road dedications are getting out of hand:

Before legislators ungreased the skids, we'd like to propose the following:

The Wendell Cox Northern Arc

The Phil Gramm Expressway (in Columbus)

The Newt Gingrich Outer Perimeter

The George W. Bush Bypass (to Florida)

Bonus question on Economics and Taxation 101:

True or false?

In recent years, gas taxes have been the fastest-growing tax imposed on middle-income Americans.

Yes, we have no elders:

Several Ghanaians are discovering part of the price you pay when you leave home, family and country for America. In Ghana, disputes are settled amicably by elders of the tribe.

In America, disputes are seldom settled but regularly litigated. And appealed. And then appealed again.

When agreement is finally reached, there appears a third hand in the cookie jar.

We wonder how many lawyers Ghana has and whether they work on contingency.

Only in certain parts of America, as gasoline prices are going up and some are wondering whether we are in an "energy crisis," could a policy wonk say:

"If you want to cut Atlantans' average driving distances, the way to do it is to raise the (motor fuel) tax."

And perhaps only in Georgia, could a planning agency, the Atlanta Regional Commission, be plotting to impose a regional gas tax.


"Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread."

Thomas Jefferson

(c) 2001 --- Wendell Cox Consultancy --- Permission granted to use with attribution.
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