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Curriculum Vitae:
Privatization and Deregulation

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International public policy consulting firm with specializations in economics, public transit, transportation, devolution, labor policy, public expenditure policy, and strategic planning.

  • Established 1985

  • Completed projects in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Africa


To facilitate the ideal of government as the servant of the people by identifying and implementing strategies to achieve public purposes at a cost that is no higher than necessary.

Representative Projects:
  • Conducted and published extensive research into privatization, deregulation and related economic issues. As a part of this process, have developed guidelines for the successful implementation of privatization strategies.

  • Assisted the state of Victoria (Australia) in privatization of its light rail, urban rail and intercity rail system (1997) as a part of a consulting team led by Coopers Lybrand.

  • Prepared an analysis for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) of the potential for public-private competition to improve service to riders and taxpayers. Included cost-benefit analysis of labor protective arrangement buy-out (may have been first such analysis in US urban public transport industry) (1997).

  • Designed 25 percent property tax reduction program for Nebraska gubernororial candidate John Breslow. This program relied heavily on privatization and other government efficiencies programs and was the central plank in the candidate's unsuccessful bid for the 1998 Republican nomination.

  • Directed State Legislation and Policy program for the American Legislative Exchange Council (Washington), 1992-1995. Included policy oversight of programs, publications, and conferences. This organization includes approximately 3,000 US state legislators (parliamentarians).

  • Principal author of a Bexar County (San Antonio) Opportunity Analysis, sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation (1998) This study recommended a routine conversion of various public services to privatization, competitive contracting and deregulation strategies.

  • Staff consultant for the Competitiveness Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council This task force identified mechanisms for conversion of public services to privatization and deregulation (1993-1995).

  • Principal author of a US Environmental Protection Agency project to produce a state legislative handbook on public-private environmental partnerships (privatization) for the American Legislative Exchange Council (1991-2).

  • Drafted model state legislation adopted by the American Legislative Exchange Council on privatization of state and local government services and functions (1988 & 1989).

  • Performed review and cost evaluation of the Denver public transport competitive tendering (privatization) program and cost-benefit study on public versus private purchase of capital equipment used in competitively tendered services (1996).

  • Drafted privatization of general services legislation introduced in Colorado and Arizona. Legislation was passed by both houses of the legislature in Arizona, but vetoed by the governor. Parts of the legislation were included in an enacted Texas bill. The legislation would have established a routine system for converting public services to privatization and competitive contracting, including safeguards to ensure achievement of public objectives.

  • Presenter in a Heritage Foundation general services privatization seminar for senior state of Oklahoma officials.

  • Prepared and presented a general services privatization seminar for the Mayor and City-County Council of Indianapolis. This was presented at the beginning of this city's successful privatization and competition program.

  • Drafted legislation requiring 20 percent of Denver bus system to be competitively contracted (1988).

  • Provided assistance to the Liberal Party of South Australia in developing the public transport portion of its manifesto for the 1993 election. Much of the program, including competitive tendering and separation of policy from operations, has been implemented (1993).

  • Seminars on public policy issues, including economics, privatization, competitive tendering, deregulation, government management and transport policy for public officials in 35 US states, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia (1985 to present).

  • Principal author of a research project comparing public and private school bus operations for the American Legislative Exchange Council (1990).

  • Performed a public policy audit and prepared a legislative program for the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Republican) of North Carolina (1997-1998).

  • Certified by the US Department of Transportation as a privatization and deregulation "expert" in the "Public Private Transportation Network" program. This program provided technical assistance to public transport agencies, local governments, regional planning organizations and private transit and school bus operator organizations. Assignments completed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. The program was discontinued in 1993 (1985- 1993).

  • Prepared a series of "Legislative Issue Briefs" on privatization, deregulation and competitive tendering for the American Legislative Exchange Council (1992-1995).
  • Prepared the "bus" chapter of book (Privatization for New York: Competing for a Better Future) for the New York State Senate Advisory Committee on Privatization (1992).

  • Prepared a deregulation of public employment chapter for the Pataki for Governor campaign (New York) in 1994.

  • Testimony before committees of the US Senate, US House of Representatives, Ontario Provincial Parliament and 21 state legislatures (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington), city councils and county commissions on privatization, deregulation and labor issues.

  • Presentations made to numerous organizations in North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa.

  • Member, Steering Committee International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Transport (1991: Finland, 1993: Canada, 1995: New Zealand, 1997 United Kingdom, 1999 South Africa)
Media Appearances and Featured Articles

Principal has made numerous media appearances, including:

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • BBC World Service

  • CBS Radio

  • CNBC (US cable television)

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Canadian Television Network

  • Moldovan National Television

  • Radio New Zealand

  • Guest on numerous radio talk programs

  • Local radio and television public events programs
A number of op-ed pieces. Examples include:

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • Los Angeles Times (four)

  • Philadelphia Daily News

  • Detroit News

  • Engineering News Record

  • Roads and Bridges
Public Office and Related Activities

Principal appointed to 3 terms on the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission by Mayor Tom Bradley (1977-1985). Served as the only member of the Commission not an elected official (all other members were either county supervisors [county commissioners] city council members or mayors). The Commission oversaw public transit and highways in the nation's largest county (9 million residents).


Principal is author or co-author of numerous publications, such as:

The Livable American City: Toward an Environmentally Friendly American Dream (1993)
People, Markets and Government: How Economic Policy Creates Wealth or Poverty (1994)
      (US State Legislators Guide to Economics)
Competition in Public Transport: International State of the Art (1997)
Reinventing Transit: Putting Customers First (1994)
Sovereignty of the People and Devolution (1995)
Moving America Competitively: A State Legislator's Guide to Privatization (1989)
Environmental Partners (1992)
America's Protected Class (1992, 3, 4)
Controlling the Demand for Taxes (1991, 2, 3)
International Experience in Competitive Tendering (Competitive Contracting) (1995)
Designing Competitive Tendering Systems for the Public Good (1989)
School Bus Contracting: Freeing Educators to Educate (1990)
Bexar County (Texas) Opportunity Analysis (1998)

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