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Washington (6 December 2003): The National Journal, perhaps the most prestigious public policy periodical in the United States, selected The Public Purpose as one of the top highway and mass transport related websites, in its 6 December 2003 issue.

National Journal gave The Public Purpose a similar honor in 2001.

The other honored websites were: - US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials - American Association of Road and Transportation Builders - American Highway Users Alliance - Smart Growth America - Heritage Foundation - Center for Transportation Excellence - American Public Transportation Association - Sierra Club - American Bus Association - American Association of Railroads - American Trucking Associations
The National Journal described The Public Purpose as follows:
    Wendell Cox battles smart growth advocates on his Web Site, the Public Purpose. He challenges transit proponents with statistics and analysis, such as a table contending that most proposed transit systems are more expensive to build and operate than the cost of leasing a car for every potential passenger in perpetuity. Cox's ally Ronald Utt offers further transportation thoughts at

Note: Much of the demographic data and land use/smart growth material is now maintained on the related Demographia website.

The Public Purpose: One of National Journal's Top 4 Transport Internet Sites

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