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National Journal, perhaps the most prestigious public policy periodical in the United States, selected The Public Purpose as one of the four top transporation related websites, in its 8 December 2001 issue.

The other four cited websites were: - US Department of Transportation - US Department of Transportation Inspector General - The Public Purpose - Surface Transportation Policy Project

The article reviewed 10 websites, including six government and four non-government sites. In describing The Public Purpose, National Journal said:
    Maintained by transportation consultant Wendell Cox, this site serves as the conservative response to such sites as It provides articles and reports debunkiing arguments for "smart growth": It also criticizes the claims made for intercity passenger rail. Moreover, it stores a cornucopia of transportation and demographic statitistics; for example it offers data examining U.S. ridership for rail , buses and airplanes.
Much of the demographic data and land use/smart growth material is now maintained on the related Demographia website.

The Public Purpose: Called One of Four Top Transport Sites by National Journal
The Public Purpose
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Government Cost Review
Gov't Employment Fact Book
Highway & Motorway Fact Book
Intercity Transport Fact Book
Labor Market Reporter
School Transport Fact Book
Transport Fact Book
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Urban Transport Fact Book
Competitive Tendering Website
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Alternatives to Light Rail in Seattle

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