United States Intercity Rail:

Amtrak Facts

CO2 Emissions per Passenger: Car/Air & Rail (20070704)

CO2 Emissions per Passenger: Car/Air & Rail (20070704)
Resource List on Amtrak Research (20071021)
Parade Should Have Spiked Amtrak Story (20071021)
Comment les evenements du 11 septembre ont influence les transports americains? Paris Lecture (20030719)
Policy Point #11: Reparations Funding for Amtrak? (20020810)

Policy Point #8: New York Times Misunderstands Subsidy (20020801)
Policy Point #4: Doug Turner Off-Base on Amtrak (20020801)
WorldCom-Class Amtrak National Review (20020702
Blackmail Strategy: Amtrak's Shutdown Crisis Manufactured National Review (20020702)
Congress Should Call Amtrak's Bluff Heritage Foundation (20020702

No bailout for Amtrak Board Members Should Resign Heritage Foundation (20020702)
Conditions of an Amtrak Bailout Heritage Foundation (20020702)
Amtrak's "Louvre" Syndrome Washington Times (20020702)
Amtrak Reforms Needed: Letter from 14 Senators (20020629)
Amtrak Disqualified in Los Angeles Commuter Rail Procurement (20020629)

Amtrak, Airline & Bus Fares (20020625)
Federal Transportation Payments: Amtrak, Highways & Airlines (20020625)
Amtrak & Airline Average Compensation (20020625)
Amtrak & Japanese Railway Productivity (20020625)
Amtrak Fuel Efficiency Compared to Other Modes (20020625)

Vers le démantèlement d’Amtrak? (20020508)
Wendell Cox Amtrak Commentary on National Review Online (20020206)
Amtrak Reform Council Action Plan Press Release (20020207)
Amtrak Reform Council Action Plan Executive Summary (20020207)
Amtrak Reform Council Action Plan (20020207)

Amtrak Reform Council Action Plan: Wendell Cox Concurring Statement (20020206)
Amtrak Subsidies Compared to Air Fares and Car Rentals (20020029)
Federal Subsidies to Amtrak from 1971 (20020121)
Trips Over 100 Miles: Market Share (20020107)
Amtrak Caltrain "Low Ball Bid?" (20011115)

Amtrak Subsidies in Context: Myth and Reality (20011114)
Prospect for Intercity Passenger Rail After 9-11: Innovation Briefs Reprint (20011111)
Reorganizing National Passenger Rail Service for the Riders and Taxpayers (20011110)
Amtrak Reform Council Finding: Text (20011109)
Amtrak Reform Council Makes Finding: Amtrak Not Sustainable (20011109)

US Energy Intensity by Mode: 1999 (20011102)
How Passenger Trains Could Increase Truck Traffic (20011030)
How Freight Rail Reduces Traffic Congestion (20011030)
Amtrak: $25 Million Revenue Reduction in Caltrain Contract? (20011028
US Intercity Air, Rail & Bus Ridership History (20010928)

US Intercity Air, Rail & Bus Ridership History Compared (20010928)
Comparison of International & Amtrak Speeds (20010926)
Distribution of US Air Travel by Distance (20010919)
US Air Corridors 225 Miles and Less (20010919)

US Transit Productivity Compared to Amtrak (010517)
US Transit Unit Costs Compared to Amtrak (010517)
Amtrak and Australian Long Distance Passenger Trains Compared
Book Recommendation: Derailed: by Joseph Vranich
Wendell Cox Appointed to Amtrak Reform Council by Speaker of House

Amtrak Subsidies and Profits by Route: 1997
Congress Repeals Amtrak 6-Year Severance
Amtrak, Passenger Rail and Federal Policy: A Return to the Basics
Amtrak at 25: @ Cato Institute
Amtrak's Negligible Impact on Congestion

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