Largest USA Airline Markets (20080531)
Vers le démantèlement d’Amtrak? (20020508)
Trips Over 100 Miles: Market Share (20020107)

US Energy Intensity by Mode: 1999 (20011102)
US Air Market City Pairs Over 500 Daily Passengers Ranked Nationally (20011012)
US Air Market City Pairs Over 500 Daily Passengers (20011012)
US Intercity Air, Rail & Bus Ridership History (20010928)
US Intercity Air, Rail & Bus Ridership History Compared (20010928)

Comparison of International & Amtrak Speeds (20010926)
Distribution of US Air Travel by Distance (20010919)
US Air Corridors 225 Miles and Less (20010919)
US Transit Productivity Compared to Airlines (010517)
US Transit Unit Costs Compared to Airlines (010517)

Airline Fare Affordability Index by US Airport 1998: 3Q
US Average Air Fares Ranked by Market: Daily Volume over 250 Passengers
Passenger Transport Market Shares: Europe & US: 1996
US US Public Transport, Airline & Highway Costs & Subsidies
Large Infrastructure Project Forecasts: Major Inaccuracies
Florida Air Fares 60 Percent Below High Speed Rail Planning Projection

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