Traffic Intensity and Density:
Trend in Largest US Urban Areas: 1990-2000

Change in Density Cases 2000 Density/1990 Density 2000 Traffic Intensity/1990 Traffic Intensity Traffic Intensity Change/Density Change
Over 10% 6 1.15 1.23 1.07
0% to 10% 14 1.05 1.10 1.06
0% to -10% 12 0.95 1.09 1.15
-10% or Less 8 0.78 0.91 1.16
Total 40 0.98 1.08 1.10
Traffic Intensity: Vehicle Miles per Square Mile of Urbanized Land Area.
Calculated from Texas Transportation Institute Data for 2000 and 1990, urban areas over 1,000,000 population
Linear regression result: 0.82 increase in traffic intensity per 1.00 increase in density (constant 0.27). R2=0.75, Significant at 99 percent confidence level


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