2003 Private Sector and
Government Compensation per Hour:
United States

Element of Compensation Private Sector State and Local Government
Pay for Scheduled Time Worked $16.64 $23.69
Paid Time Off $1.50 $2.60
  Sick Time $0.18 $0.64
Total Scheduled Wages $18.14 $26.29
Supplemental Pay $0.66 $0.30
Wages Including Supplemental $18.80 $26.59
Non-Wage Benefits $4.49 $7.62
Total Compensation $23.29 $34.21
Paid Time Off as a % of Scheduled Time Wages 8.3% 9.9%
Sick Time as a % of Scheduled Time Wages 1.0% 2.4%
Calculated from data in http://www.bls.gov/news.release/archives/ecec_06242004.pdf

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