CODATU XII Conference Announcement

The CODATU XII Conference will be held in Lyon, France July 5-7, 2006. CODATU is an international organization dedicated to improving urban transport in the developing world. This is an important opportunity for professionals from the United States and elsewhere to become involved in this crucial issue.

The previous conferences have been held in Dakar, Caracas, Cairo, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Tunis, Delhi, Cape Town, Mexico City, Lome and Bucharest. The focus of this year's conference is "decentralized cooperation" --- international information exchange, technical assistance and cooperation between urban areas. An exposition will accompany the conference.

The conference will be followed by a training session organized by Professor Ali Huzayyin of Cairo University.

Conference sessions will be held in English and French, with simultaneous translation.

Full information on the conference can be obtained from the CODATU website, at

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